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January 5, 2017

Citywide Building Maintenance has completely changed my feeling on managing a janitorial services contract. I have managed many cleaning contractors over the years and while some have been better than others, they all ranked at mediocre in my mind. In 2015 we put out a request for proposals and received an overwhelming 9 proposals. After providing building tours and carefully reading through the details of the proposals, we decided to select Citywide Building Maintenance, Inc. While they weren’t the least expensive, they really weren’t much more expensive than the low bid. I believe you get what you pay for, and in the case of Citywide I am extremely pleased with the level of service relative to the contract value. They perform top quality cleaning work on a consistent basis, they make reporting the infrequent concerns very easy, and the conduct a periodic inspection of their own work. In many cases, I have been very pleased with the service, while the quality control inspector has noted areas for improvement. I believe this is a unique benefit that Citywide provides to the industry. I am hopeful that the partnership we have developed with Citywide Building Maintenance, Inc. continues to last the test of time, as they have taken the headache out of managing a janitorial services contract.